What we do

Do you have in mind to renovate your house, or would you like to build a new housing project? Van den Hurk Architecten will together with the client go through the various steps you need to follow. Applying for all kinds of permissions or finding out whether is you can build without permission is one of the first steps. Beside making sketches, designing and making the final drawings of houses and other buildings, we also visualize all projects by means of 3D impressions. Most of the time, the interior is also an important matter in this, so we will also make together with you a visualization of it. Next to study-models we will also make presentational models if desired.

We work together with various consultants and construction firms, with whom we will form a building team. Tasks and responsibilities will be different each project, so this will be adjusted to the specific situation.

Do you have any questions about what we do? Do not hesitate to contact us.

Maykel and Stephanie at work