General terms and conditions
When we as a company are in charge of a project, agreements will be made on all concerning activities and also under what circumstances this will be done. Because Van den Hurk Architecten is a member of the Dutch Assocation of Architects (BNA, Bond van Nederlandse Architecten) we apply the general terms and conditions that are advised by the BNA. Also the professional responsibility insurance has been adjusted to these terms and conditions.

The Consumer regulation (CR2013)
Van den Hurk Architecten applies the Consumer regulations 2013 (CR 2013) for private clients. This is a legal relationship between consumer and architect. You can read the CR2013 by downloading the document below (Dutch only).
The consumer regulation contains the general terms consumer-architect and records the mutual commitments of the client and the architect. Preferably, these terms will be applied on the entire project. The main reason for this is that it is a coherent framework and the insurance of the professional responsibility has been adjusted to it. If it is necessary to depart from this, it needs to be mentioned very clear in the agreement. This, because normally the agreement is declared on the Consumer Regulation 2013. The regulation will be sent to you as a client as an attachment with the agreement. The consumer regulation has been revised in the beginning of 2013 and has been adjusted to the new (Dutch) Building Requirements.

Download the pdf-file: CR 2013 (Dutch only)

De Nieuwe Regeling (DNR2011)
For business/professional clients Van den Hurk Architecten applies the DNR 2011, the Legal Relationship between client and architect, engineer and consultant. You can read the DNR2011 by downloading the document below.
Preferably, the contract between architect and client is based on the general terms and conditions. These terms are recorded in The New Regulation (DNR). By editing the general terms, a proper consideration of interests has been made. Also the professional responsibility insurance of the architect has been adjusted to the general terms of the DNR. DNR is a shortterm for The New Regulation (Dutch: De Nieuwe Regeling).
DNR is an unambiguous regulation, which responds to the agreements that are being drawn up according the different supply and demand on the market. DNR kan be applied on projects of all sizes, as well on a mono-disciplinary project as on an integrated project. In 2011 DNR has been revised. This because after a few years of using DNR 2005 it turned out that some definitions could be formulated much better. Furthermore, there was a need to change the responsibility regime. In 2013 another small adjustment has been made (see Article 56 DNR 2011) because of a change in regulation.
DNR is meant for all disciplines that are active in the building industry. In the field of design, advice and management: architects, structural engineers, installation-advisors, building physicists, interior architects, garden- and landscape architects, geographers, industrial designers, project managers and (building)product developers. DNR is not applicable on contracts with developing and executive parties. DNR is however not in contradiction with it. DNR is based on Dutch legislation, and therefore it is a Dutch regulation. For projects abroad it needs to be considered if DNR can be used. DNR meets the desires of clients and architects regarding the modernisation of the general terms.

Download the pdf-file: DNR 2011