Pilot project Uden

Together with the clients of this project, Martin and Ellen van Zanten, Van den Hurk Architecten started a research to renovate their house in the most optimal sustainable way. From the day that they bought the house they have been busy with the preservation and the repairing of maintenance overdue. Now even bigger building problems start to reveal, Martin and Ellen believe that it is time for a more radical approach. This concurs with the process of ‘Udenaar de Toekomst/G1000’ where inhabitants of Uden are highly committed to sustainability: all circumstances that justify a pilot project. In this search towards an extremely sustainable solution, three components can be distinguished:

1. The renovation of the house; important principles are that the building must be energy supplying and ecology re-establishing. The building also needs to last all the age phases of the inhabitant. The entire building will a source of inspiration for the future.

2. Living labs project; by means of an ecological atrium/greenhouse, sun-energy and water will be used as essential (living) building element. With this, practical research towards composing the guidelines of the BrabantWoningUden version 1.0 can be done, in which next to the normal building standards also other aspects will be considered.

3. Living Building Challenge; in order to guarantee the quality of the project, full certification according to the LBC 3.0 will be requested. This is a relatively recent developed, but high-quality certification that can be introduced in The Netherlands by this project. Click here for more information about the Living Building Challenge.

Martin and Ellen have created a website where you can find the most recent information of the project, and a blog with their activities and inspiration regarding sustainability.